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Which foods We (Computer Addictors) are must Eat…….

Computer addictors  are those professionals who are involved in the field of software engineering wherein they design, develop as well as test  various software’s which are then used to make microchips and computers work. Software engineers or programmers or any other computer professional are known to basically have a sedentary lifestyle as they spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer executing their duties. The job of a software engineer requires the application of mind and also a good memory. Hence individuals engaged in this profession should follow a special diet designed for software engineers which also includes some exercises to keep them fit and healthy.



They provide the body with the required amount of nutrients to replenish the brain and also keep the individual overall healthy. Alternatively, the diet for programmers should not include foods that are very oily, spicy or even fried foods as they tend to result in weight gain which in turn could lead to various other medical conditions.

The diet for software engineers should include plenty of complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, legumes, pulses, beans as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Similarly, the diet for software professionals and those following a sedentary lifestyle should also include plenty of proteins in the form of low fat dairy products, eggs, poultry etc. The consumption of fats should be in the form of polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats.

Along with a healthy diet, computer professionals should also take up some form of light exercise such as jogging, swimming, cycling, skipping or even playing any outdoor games. Alternatively, they could also practice meditation and yoga as it helps in connecting the mind and body, and reenergizes the person. Yoga also helps in minimizing the stress levels that most IT professionals are known to face in their jobs on a daily basis.

Quite a few software professionals are known to be prone to the accumulation of fat on their hips and waist as they indulge in minimal physical activity and instead consume plenty of junk foods that are high in fat content and are consequently unhealthy. This should be replaced with healthy snacking in the form of fruits, vegetables, whole wheat crackers, nuts and seeds.

Male office worker eating lunch at computer

Computer professionals should also ensure that they get the required amount of sleep, as while an individual is sleeping the brain gets revitalized and the person wakes up refreshed. This helps computer professionals in concentrating on their calculations and also in staying alert throughout the day. Additionally, while sleeping the cells also tend to regenerate, which helps in relaxing the muscles and giving them renewed energy for the next day.

In order to avoid muscle cramping or stiff necks on account of the nature of the job, software programmers should also practice stretching exercises at regular intervals which can be done without getting up from their chair as well. One of the stretching exercises that can be practiced by IT professionals is to sit on the chair and then put your hands behind your head, against the wall and push. This will help in preventing the muscles from getting stiff and from being too tired towards the end of the day. Similarly, IT professionals could also practice neck exercises by stretching their neck from side to side and the same can also be done for the legs so as to prevent the occurrence of leg cramps on account of sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time.

Silicon Valley Programmers Don’t Eat Anymore. They Just Drink Protein:


Apparently, guzzling protein powder meal-replacers with names like Soylent and Schmoylent is the new trend among busy Silicon Valley software engineers, reports The New York Times. Hearing this makes me want to go all Mama Bear and make these hard-working techies some sandwiches.

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