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Are Humans Like Technology,Programmed?




As the years progress, technology will be an important aspect to everyone. Not only will it benefit adults, but will make an impact in the lives of the younger generation. How information is programmed into the system allows us to view the databases we use and permits us to make judgements based on what we see and what interests us. Just like technology, can humans be programmed? Can what we see and know be based on the information that has been programmed inside of us which allows us to make judgements  based on what we perceive about others?



In my opinion, humans, just like technology are programmed. In reading the book, He, She and It, by Marge Piercy, I began to realize and believe that yes, in fact, humans are also programmed. In the story, Yod was a machine created like a human, with the ability to show emotions, who had intelligence, and who also had the ability to kill. The way he felt and dealt with life was based on the information that was programmed inside of him. In the story, Yod at times, had a hard time expressing his feelings or interpreting certain situations because he was not yet programmed to understand the reasons behind it. Often, he did not know how to express or understand his love for Shira. All he knew was how he felt every time he was with her. He also spent time trying to understand why he was not excepted for who he was and fought to help individuals understand that he was like them, a human being. In the story he goes up before the counsel because he believed he had the right to be treated as a human being, despite him being different.

In the story of He, She and It, I believe that yes, we like Yod and technology are programmed. In developing technology, input of data is involved which allows others to view and give insight based on what we see. Technology also involves programmers instilling information into their data bases which allows them to view the world and information through their programmer’s eyes. Lastly, technology and Yod, are sometimes faced with individuals not understanding the use of their existence and often question there purpose.

Aachen, Technische Hochschule, Rechenzentrum
Technische Hochschule Aachen Rechenzentrum


In understanding technology and it’s use, I notice and believe that humans are no different. Just like technology, we are also programmed. When we enter this world our programmers are usually our parents, who instill their values and beliefs in us. They tell us about the world and people around us and we tend to base our thoughts and beliefs on their views and values. Many individuals believe that what our parents have instilled in us is the right way to go and many do not want to see the world another way. But, can what our parents instill in us be based on false information? I believe so.

As good as technology seems, there are also false advertisement and information that causes individuals to be mislead. Often individuals base their beliefs on what they see or hear that may not be true. For example, certain devices or software advertised may not live up to their advertisement ads or name. Some will not operate to their full potential and we discover what was advertised and made to seem real, is just a lie.


Just as technology provides false information and advertisement, parents can also create misconceptions and beliefs in their own children. As I said once before, as we enter this world we are programmed to believe in the way our parents do. But, just as technology can be programmed negatively, so can the beliefs our parents instill in us. One negative software programmed into some children from their parents is their views on another ethnic background. Often, I’ve met many individuals who expressed to me or classmates, how their parents raised them to look down and think negative about another race. Some of these individuals took it upon themselves to delete the negativity from their databases and wanted to find out if their parents views and opinions were correct.

One individual who spoke up about this was in one of my Pan-African studies class. She decided, despite how she was raised, to find out for herself. She journeyed to what some consider the “hood,” in L.A. with one of her classmates from college. Being that she grew-up with in a middle class neighborhood, where everyone was her skin color, she was a little nervous. When she arrived she got the chance to know and understand what it is like for African-Americans who have to struggle and who come for low income neighborhoods. She told the class that she enjoyed her experience and what her parents had instilled in her were lies.

From that experience, she realized the importants of taking the time to get to know another culture before you judge them and that some cultures tend to have it harder in this country than others. She also informed the class that since that experience, she has remained in contact with her friend and enjoys being around the African-American culture and hopes to visit L.A. again. So, when the question is raised are humans, like technology programed? The answer is yes. Many of our views are based on the information that’s been programmed inside of us by others. I myself have been programmed.

Growing up my mom has downloaded information inside of me. Most of the information has been saved into my database called the brain. My mom has taught my siblings and I to work hard, keep education first and take the time to get to know someone before you judge them. I, unlike the girl in my Pan-African studies class, was raised to not look at color, but what’s inside. My family makes up many different races and my family are also the products of slavery, but I consider myself African-American because that is what I look most like. In my house-hold, my mom didn’t think it was cute nor funny making fun of another skin color, if you did you were disciplined. My mom believes that we are one race and that’s the human race. She believes that it makes no since why individuals teach their children to hate. She thinks if people try sitting down to get to know one another, than they may realize that they have more in common and look beyond the skin color.

Another important aspect that my mom has taught me and that is to always be an individual. Often, especially a lot of younger individuals, do what pleases their peers, but for myself, I try to maintain being a leader not a follower. I don’t believe in doing what others are doing just to fit in. If individuals can’t accept me for who I am than that’s their problem. In discussing the topic are humans, just like technology programmed? I also began to think of individuals who may program others to think and believe the way they do and being that I seen so many of my peers throw their lives away, I believe that besides our parents programming us our peers also play a part.

Since growing up in low income neighborhoods and being pretty well know in school, even though I hung around people who were just like me and took their education seriously. I began to realize the older I got that the majority of my friends were wasting their lives away just to fit in. Even today, when I go home I often hear of friends or relatives around my age or younger doing stupid stuff behind their peers. In working with students around 11 to 14 years of age, I see it a lot at my job. Often students ditch school with their friends or they do what others tell them to do just to fit in, and many love showing how bad they are in front of their classmates. Even at the college level, majority of the people that were here when I started, are no longer in college. Many started to go buck wild by partying, drinking, clubbing and getting high, because of being on their own with no one to tell them what to do. I’ve seen many get pregnant, drop out or even get kicked out because they were wanting to be like everyone else and many didn’t want to do the work. These examples makes my statement and question valid when expressing how often individuals like technology are programmed. There are so many ways human can be programmed.

In today’s society it’s easy to become programmed by others and think according to their perspectives if you lack a strong mind or the ability to think for yourself. I know of course, we have no control over the beliefs and values our parents have instilled in us, but I believe we do have a conscious that tells us right from wrong. Often, individuals need to be careful in listening to negative viruses (individuals), opinions and beliefs. We need to make sure that these viruses are not allowed in our system (our thoughts and brain). If negative input and viruses enter, we must delete and recycle those negative input from our databases. We should download programs that provides positive insight in our system. Especially, our views and opinions about others.

In closing, as the years progress technology will make a big impact in our lives. Just like technology, humans are programmed. There are many individuals who influence us in the way we think, believe and value. It’s important to remember that some individuals may program false information into our database which causes us to be mislead. It’s important to remember that what we are told are not necessarily the truth. We should always be careful about what we hear, before we allow others to program negative thoughts into our databases.

REFERENCES Piercy, Marge. He, She and It. New York, New York: Fawcett Crest, 1992.





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